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Case Study: Spousal Maintenance

Case Study Spousal Maintenance Blevins & Blevins [2019] FCCA 1923 (11 July 2019) The case of Blevins demonstrates the possibility of bringing an action for spousal maintenance after 20 years of being divorced. This was

Terminating A Child Support Agreement

Binding Child Support Agreement terminating a child support agreement How to Terminate a Child Support Agreement Child support agreements must be approached with caution as it is extremely difficult to vary or terminate an agreement

Contesting an Intervention Order

Contesting an Intervention Order Intervention Orders Contesting the Order If the Respondent does not agree to the Intervention Order being made, and the parties do not agree on an undertaking, then the Respondent can contest

The Process of an Intervention Order

The process of an intervention order Intervention Orders Application for an Intervention Order The first stage of an Intervention Order is for the Protected Person (or victim) to make an application to the court. There

What does Family Violence include and who is a Family Member?

Family Violence and Family Members Intervention Orders What is Family Violence? Family violence in Victoria is legally defined by Section 5 of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008. The law defines family violence very broadly and includes: Physical

Relocation of Children

Child Relocation Parenting Matters Child Relocation If your child lives with you and you need to relocate, you should speak with the other parent first. You should discuss your proposal for relocation with the other

Recovery Orders of Children

Recovery of Children Parenting Matters What is a Recovery Order? If your ex-partner has relocated with your child or has overheld your child and has not obtained your permission first, your lawyer can file an

10 Steps to take after Separation

10 Steps to take after separation Separation Look after yourself The breakdown of a relationship and separation is stressful and difficult. You should ensure that you have a support network of family and friends that

Estate Planning with a Will

Helping reduce family feuds and provide for multi-generational wealth Estate Planning Estate Planning As life becomes busier and busier we tend to place some of the most important things on the to-do list and never

Resolve your De Facto Property Dispute

Property Settlements for De Facto Couples De Facto Relationships Applying to have a Court resolve your De Facto Property Dispute If your de facto relationship has broken down after 1 March 2009, you can apply

How do I know if I was in a De Facto relationship?

What is consider to be a de facto relationship De Facto Relationships what is a de facto relationship? Trying to determine whether or not you are in a de facto relationship can be a difficult