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Please see a collection of articles and case studies to assist with your understanding with the family law system. If you have any questions about the articles below, please feel free to give our office a call on 03 8391 8411 to discuss your legal matter, whether it be related to a property law issue or a parenting matterOur family lawyers are sure to be able to assist you no matter how complex your circumstances may seem. We can provide representation and advice in relation to all family law and criminal matters, and appear across Victoria in the Magistrates’ Courts as well as the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

Case Study: Successful Intervention Order Contested Hearing

Case Study: Intervention Order Successful Contested Hearing Contested IVO Hearing: Successful Outcome Court: Magistrates’ Court of Victoria at Sunshine Facts: This matter involves the Applicant making Personal Safety Intervention Order (“IVO”) applications, listing her children

Case Study: Successful Urgent Recovery Application

Case Study: Family Law Matters Urgent Recovery Application Parenting Matter: Successful Outcome Court: Melbourne Federal Circuit and Family Law Court. Facts: This matter involved an urgent recovery application seeking that the child be returned immediately

What is Mediation

Family Law Matters What is Mediation? If you are currently experiencing a separation with your ex-partner, you have likely heard the term ‘mediation’ before. But, what is mediation? And what happens if you can’t reach

Same Sex Relationships

Family Law Matters Same-Sex Couples And The Family Law System Same-Sex Couples and the Family Law System Let us rewind to December 2017. We were waving our rainbow coloured flags with great enthusiasm and delight

Who Keeps the Dog after Separation

Property Matters Who gets the dog? Who keeps the dog after separation? Pets often form an integral part of the family unit and significant time and money is spent on them. Adults and children alike

What Age Can a Child Decide

Parenting Matters What Age Can a Child Decide What age can a Child Decide? After separation, parents often wonder when children are able to decide for themselves where they live, or how often, and in

Indigenous Australians and the Family Law System

Family Law Matters Indigenous Australians and the Family Law System What are some of the barriers that Indigenous Australians face when accessing the family law system? The legal system has long been found to be

Binding Financial Agreements

Property and De Facto Matters Binding Financial agreements What is a Binding Financial Agreement? A Binding Financial Agreement is a term for a financial agreement that can be made under the Family Law Act either

Information about Family Law amid COVID19

Information Update Family Law amid COVID19 Already within a matter of months, COVID-19 has upended the lives of children and families across the globe. School closures and movement restrictions are disrupting children’s routines and support

Case Study: Child Relocation

Case Study Child Relocation Cahan & Kafka [2019] FCCA 2421 The case of Cahan & Kafka [2019] FCCA 2421 (30 August 2019) provides an example of where a parent was denied their application to relocate

Harmonisation of the Courts

Parenting and Property Matters Harmonisation of the Courts The complex overlap between the jurisdiction and administration of the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court has been heavily criticised as being “confusing, inefficient