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Lejla Huric



  • Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at Deakin University

Overview And Experience

Lejla Huric joined Aston Legal Group in 2023 as a paralegal, and for the period she has been with us, she has shown dedication, intellect, and passion for family law practice. With a dual background in psychology and law, combined with her zeal for excellence, Lejla foresees a bright future as a family lawyer. Her energy and enthusiasm always emerge in every situation, making her an invaluable member of our practice. 


Lejla is currently enrolled at Deakin University as a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) student where she continues to demonstrate commitment to academic excellence. She is moulding herself to be an all-around family lawyer by also pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at the same institution. Through her multi-disciplinary studies, Lejla gains a unique perspective on handling complex legal issues. This, combined with her academic excellence sets her on a path of success and is a demonstration of her commitment and passion for law.  

Professional Experience

Since joining Aston Legal Group, Lejla has proven herself as a determined team player and an achiever. Her past experiences and roles, especially at WorkCover, equip her with valuable skills that make her a resourceful member of our team. This background has also solidified her foundation in tackling tough challenging legal matters and offering comprehensive support to her colleagues and clients. Since joining ALG, Lejla has been nothing but relentless at performing her duties. She quickly adapted to her paralegal duties, demonstrating her capacity to manage diverse legal matters with creativity and agility. 

Interactions with Clients

Lejla has been instrumental in helping ALG forge strong bonds with its client network. Through her energetic, enthusiastic, and compassionate approach, she has built strong ties with clients. She is passionate about child protection, and this is reflected in her deep-seated belief in making a difference where it matters the most. This commitment has driven Lejla beyond her limits to serve clients with tough challenging legal battles. As always, she has excelled in her role and aspires to specialise further in this sensitive and crucial area. Lejla Huric brings a unique set of skills made possible through her academic excellence, professional commitment, and passion for law. Her contribution to Aston Legal Group is fundamental to the growth of the firm, and we look forward to when she becomes a family law attorney with us. 

Personal Life

Lejla is full of vigour and embraces life with both arms. When she is not a paralegal, she loves to travel and seek adventure wherever the road takes her. Her passion for adventure and her family law skills brings a global perspective to Aston Legal Group. Lejla is not only passionate about travel but her Southeast European heritage enriches her abilities to speak all former Yugoslav languages. She has an undying love for learning new languages and is expanding her repertoire to French and German. Given her multicultural fluency, Lejla is a communication expert and excels in connecting with clients from different backgrounds.

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