Aston Legal Group

Rookie Wheelhouse

Office and Accounts Manager


  • Advanced Diploma in Legal Practice from Victoria University.
  • Bachelor of Laws from Victoria University.
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Leo Cussen Centre of Law
  • Admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Overview And Experience

Rookie Wheelhouse brings years of experience from multiple past roles and academic qualifications, making her an invaluable member of Aston Legal Group. As the firm’s Office and Accounts Manager, Rookie works diligently to ensure the entire ALG team have everything they need to serve clients. She brings a wealth of practical experience blended with robust academic excellence to support both her colleagues and clients. Her keen eye for detail, coupled with practical office administration and business management puts her in an important position at ALG. Simply put, she is the backbone of the firm’s operations, ensuring accounting matters and office operations run smoothly at all times. 


Rookie has an impressive academic portfolio, which puts her in a better position to skilfully handle and excel in her managerial roles at ALG. With an Advanced Diploma in Legal Practice from Victoria University, she has an excellent understanding of legal principles and practical skills. Before this, Rookie earned a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from Victoria University, which built her solid foundation in law. Through her LLB degree, she has been an important team member at ALG, collaboratively working with the entire team to bring the firm closer to its goals. Rookie started her journey in law with a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Leo Cussen Centre of Law. This academic achievement, combined with her compassionate nature, inspired her to advance further into obtaining her LLB degree.

Rookie’s commitment to legal excellence is evident not just in her work, but also through her admission to practice law in the Supreme Court of Victoria. This, combined with her professional expertise and education equips her with legal expertise and the ability to efficiently manage ALG’s operations.  

Interactions with Colleagues and Clients

Rookie has lived up to ALG’s dictum of prioritising clients’ needs by offering a personalised approach to handling their concerns. She recognizes that family law cases can be emotionally draining and difficult. That is why she is dedicated to providing compassionate and practical support to both colleagues and clients. By providing seamless account management and smooth office operations, Rookie creates a stable and supportive atmosphere for clients to feel valued and understood.  

Rookie Wheelhouse brings a combination of legal expertise, an empathetic approach, and business acumen to Aston Legal Group, making her an invaluable member of our team. She demonstrates excellence at every opportunity to ensure the office and accounts management run smoothly to support both colleagues and clients.

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