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If you are going to Court in Morwell for a criminal or Intervention Order matter, you should seek legal advice and representation beforehand. Our lawyers can also speak to you over the phone to give you advice about estate planning, family law and intervention orders. Our firm offers fixed fee divorce applications and ensure that these applications are completed and filed with the Family Court as soon as possible. Our lawyers can also discuss and assist you with any parenting or property matters. All of our lawyers are:

  • Experienced and have extensive knowledge
  • Contactable and will ensure you understand the process of your matter
  • Able to resolve your matter in the most timely manner
Speak to us before you go to Court so that you know what is likely to happen with your matter and what options are available to you. We suggest that you arrange a meeting with one of our lawyers, either in person or over the phone, at least one week prior to your Court date. During that consultation, we will hopefully be in  a position to tell you what needs to occur before the Court date and provide you with the fixed fee cost of our lawyers appearing to represent you at the Latrobe Valley Magistrates Court. 
Our lawyers provide practical advice about your matter or legal issue so that you can make the decision to resolve your case. Call us today to discuss your matters and allow us to provide you with a cost estimate before we commence any work. 

The nearest court is the Latrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court which is located at 134 Commercial Road, Morwell VIC 3840. This Court can hear matters that criminal and civil in nature. In addition to this, the Court can hear intervention order matters with regard to Family Violence Intervention Orders (FVIO) and Personal Safety Intervention Orders (PSIO). Should you wish to make an application for an Intervention Order, or if you are the Respondent to an Intervention Order, call us now to so that our lawyers can best advise you as to your options in contesting or resolving the matter. Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients in Intervention Order matters. To get more details about the Latrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court click hereShould you require representation in the Latrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court for a civil matter, give our office a call and in the instance that we cannot assist you, we will do our best to connect you with the best lawyer for your matter using our wealth of contacts.

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We practice in all areas of family law including parenting matters, property settlements, family law applications and more. We also provide services in areas of estate law, all matters relating to domestic violence and intervention orders, as  well as other services inducing criminal law, mediation and debt recovery.