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Horsham is a regional city in the Wimmera region of western Victoria and is located a bend in the Wimmera River. Horsham is approximately 300 kilometres northwest of the Melbourne CBD. Our lawyers assist many clients within this area with family law matters and help them with property settlements and custody matters. If you have recently separated, or are intending to separate from your spouse or de facto partner, give us a call to discuss how we can ensure you receive the best property settlement. If you would like to speak with someone from our office, please call us on 8391 8411 or 0423 729 686. We can provide you with a case assessment that is confidential and obligation free. 

Family Lawyers: Horsham and Nhill

Our lawyers can assist you with a range of matters including:

  1. Property Settlements;
  2. Binding Financial Agreements;
  3. Applications for Consent Orders;
  4. Divorce Applications;
  5. Parenting Matters;
  6. Relocation Cases;
  7. Criminal Matters;
  8. Intervention Order Applications;
  9. Contested Intervention Orders; and
  10. Breach of Intervention Orders.
Our lawyers provide practical advice about your matter or legal issue so that you can make the decision to resolve your case. Speak with us today about our fixed fee estimates to represent you in Court at the Horsham Magistrates’ Court. 
The Horsham Magistrates’ Court is located at 22 Roberts Avenue, Horsham VIC 3400. This Court deals with criminal, civil, intervention order matters and provides the Court Integrated Services Program (CISP) . The criminal jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court is able to hear and determine all summary offences, some indictable offences and can conduct committal hearings. There a two types of intervention orders that can be ordered in the Magistrates’ Court. They are personal safety and family violence intervention orders. Our lawyers appear regularly at the Horsham Magistrates’ Court and have successfully contested Intervention Orders, as well as been successful in obtaining Intervention Orders on behalf of our clients. To get more details about the Horsham Magistrates’ Court click here

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We practice in all areas of family law including parenting matters, property settlements, family law applications and more. We also provide services in areas of estate law, all matters relating to domestic violence and intervention orders, as  well as other services inducing criminal law, mediation and debt recovery.