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Sarah Estepho



  • Bachelor of Criminology degree at La Trobe University

Overview And Experience

As a dedicated paralegal, Sarah Estepho has been a crucial member of our team since she joined Aston Legal Group in 2021. Her journey in law is marked by numerous achievements, where she demonstrated her prowess in legal expertise. In multiple cases, Sarah saved her team members the stress of researching and preparing documentation on family law matters, including custody and property. 

Borrowing from her academic competence and professional experience, Sarah has demonstrated her commitment to child welfare and authentic care for clients. She is warm, easily approachable and always ready to go beyond to ensure the client’s interests are attended to achieve favourable outcomes. Sarah’s Chaldean origin and proficiency in the Chaldean language offer her an edge in connecting on a personal level with clients who speak Chaldean. She can communicate with them in their language, ensuring they receive clear and personalised legal assistance. Her ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds enriches her expertise and improves the support she provides.

Professional Experience

Sarah is currently focused on family law, with several jurisdictions, including intervention order issues and related criminal matters. Over the three years she has been a paralegal at ALG, Sarah has been a crucial team member. She helps her colleagues with case file management, performing intensive legal research, and offering support to our lawyers in delivering effective services to families. Her work has given her a thorough grasp of divorce, child custody, and domestic abuse cases. This has further allowed her to manage these sensitive situations with confidence and sensitivity to give clients favourable outcomes. 


Sarah’s resilience and commitment to achieving her goals received a major boost when she graduated with honours in Bachelor of Criminology degree from La Trobe University in 2021. Inspired by her achievement, she enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree in the same university and is set to graduate in 2025. This dual academic approach has equipped her with a solid foundation in the social and legal dimensions of crime and justice. Her focus is currently on family law, and she seeks to widen her expertise into other jurisdictions to best serve the firm and its clients. 

Community Service

Sarah’s passion for helping families in need extends beyond law. Her love for children’s welfare extends beyond her professional capacity. When not carrying out her paralegal roles, she borrows from her Diploma in School Age Education and Care to teach primary school students. Her passion for children’s matters in family law is also evident in her completion of an online module in child protection. These experiences strengthen her family law practice by emphasising the significance of protecting children’s well-being in all aspects of life. Sarah Estepho works closely with the firm’s partners, senior associates, and lawyers to support them in delivering the highest standards of legal representation to families in need. 

Personal Life

Sarah is full of energy and her love for her family and friends is immeasurable. She values the time she spends around the people she loves, and this translates to a compassionate approach to handling clients. Her well-rounded lifestyle promotes emotional wellness, allowing her to extend the same and bring her best self to serving colleagues and clients.

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