Children and Parenting

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Children are at the heart of Family Law, and at the heart of any parent’s life. Parenting after separation can be hard work and often it will take some time for you and your children to adjust.

Aston Legal Group represents and advises parents, both heterosexual and same-sex, as well as grandparents and other significant relatives who are seeking some form of parenting arrangements. Everyone’s situation is different and unique, just as your children are. You need certainty about the issues relevant to your child’s future.

Aston Legal Group can assist you by advising you of the various issues surrounding children and parenting matters, such as:

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a parent
  • Your rights and responsibilities in relation to child support
  • Your options if you believe your child is at risk of harm or abuse
  • How the Court will determine where a child should live
  • How the Court will determine how much time a child spends with a non-resident parent
  • The option of arranging mediation, or negotiating in relation to parenting matters
  • The option of entering into a parenting plan, and the enforceability of parenting plans
  • The option of making an Application for Consent Orders and the implications of Consent Orders
  • Your right to relocate with your child
  • Guardianship and adoption applications
  • Surrogacy

Aston Legal Group works closely with a range of specialised psychologists, therapeutic counsellors and dispute resolution practitioners.